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1730Narrow-Row Integral Planter

Features & Specs

  • SeedStar™2 monitoring system
  • Seed variable rate drive
  • Improved pneumatic downforce system
  • Ground-contact drive wheel
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Frame FlexibilityRigid frame
Lift System TypeTractor rock shaft
Row Units TypeMaxEmerge™ XP
Seed Meters BaseVacuum
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1730 Narrow-Row Integral Planter


Narrow-row advantages

With a 1730 John Deere Narrow-Row Planter, you have the convenient mobility of an integral planter and twice the planting versatility. Plant 6 or 8 rows of one crop on 30, 36, 38, or 40 inches; then lower the “splitter” row units to plant 11 or 15 rows at half the row spacing. Or with wheel skips, you’d have a 9- or 13-row planter. To help keep soil and residue flowing  through, splitter units are set back 7 inches on extra long parallel arms. You can also mount most row-tillage attachments to the heavy-duty 7x7-inch main-frame. A front-mounted seed transmission is driven by a gauge wheel to give you 50 rate selections, just like the rear-mounted drive.







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