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1700 Twin Row


  • 1700 Twin Row available in 6x2Row36 and 6x2Row38
  • MaxEmerge TR row units bring extra performance, productivity and precision
  • Twin row brings extra agronomic benefits and population flexibility to producers
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1700 TR


The 1700 TR brings extra agronomic benefits to producers wanting to utilize the benefits of twin row planters.  The 1700 TR integral planter mounts to the tractor's 3-point hitch with a rigid, non-flexing, non-folding frame. It is available in a 6 twin-row configuration in row spacings 36 or 38” on center.  This 6x2 twin-row planter works in all conditions but is ideal for conventional or reduced-tillage field conditions.  Peanuts, corn, soybeans, and edible beans are typical crops well suited for the 1700 TR Planter.