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772G/GPMotor Grader

Features & Specs

  • Final Tier 4-certified engine
  • All models come equipped with steering wheel (GPs also come with lever steer)
  • Standard hydraulically driven cool-on-demand reversing fan
  • Trouble-free serviceability
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Net Power198 kW (266 hp)
Net Peak Torque1334 Nm (984 lb.-ft.)
Blade Pull 17 913 kg (39,491 lb.)
Net Torque Rise50%


772G/GP Motor Grader


The genius behind our grader controls.

Armed with input from the people who run them, we set out to design the ideal operating system for our next-generation graders. You talked, we listened, and that's why we offer a choice of controls. Our G-Series models come standard equipped with conventional mechanical levers positioned in the industry accepted pattern and deliver precise, predictable low-effort control. For unsurpassed productivity opt for a GP model. Eight armrest-mounted fingertip-actuated controls, including steering lever, are arranged in the industry-standard pattern on each side of the steering wheel.


Further with high/wide-back and heated lower cushion, the 772GP Motor Grader's air-suspension seat provides exceptional daylong comfort. Automated cross-slope simplifies holding a consistent slope by reducing operation to a single lever. It's a Grade Pro (GP) exclusive that helps veteran operators be their best and inexperienced operators get up-to-speed more quickly.

772GP Motor Grader turning left

772GP Motor Grader

772GP Motor Grader grading hill behind houses

772GP Motor Grader

Front view of a 772GP Motor Grader

772GP Motor Grader








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