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Introducing the new John Deere A Model fairway, rough, and trim mowers. All featuring our exclusive OnCourse Technology.

Photo of John Deere logo on Fairway mowerOnCourse Technology

It combines electronic controls with mechanical features to deliver unparalleled performance, diagnostics and reliability. Take a look at the benefits of OnCourse Technology on these new models.

Featured Benefits

Featured Benefits


Superior Cut Quality


OnCourse gives you the advantage of having adjustable hydraulic down pressure on your cutting units. That, combined with a rear yoke attaching point, means the cutting unit is in perfect contact with the turf. And, thanks to the TechControl Display,  you can set your mow speed precisely.

More Control

Password-protected TechControl display enables quickly setting or changing mowing speeds, turning speed and transport speeds to limit variations
in performance by different operators. And communication of machine status is superb thanks to the ability to instantly see any operational alerts and set service timers

Easier Operation

Not only is the new AutoPedal™ system comfortable to operate, the pedals also control the RPMs of the engine. This coordination saves fuel and lowers sound levels.

Durable and serviceable

Fast and accurate diagnostics

With the TechControl display, you can see machine warnings, receive on-board electrical diagnostics, and set service timers on a large, easy-to-read screen. The readout can be set to list data in eight languages.


Quick Adjust Cutting Units

The height of cut on all the A Model Fairway and Trim mowers can be adjusted quickly and easily, thanks to a revolutionary Speed Link™ system that makes it possible to adjust height of cut to both sides of the cutting unit in no time.

Low Maintenance

The hydraulic internal wet disc brakes on our new A Models have no brake linkages or need adjustments, reducing routine maintenance required by the technician.

Reliability and efficiency

High-tech quality assembly

With our new mowers, everything has been redesigned from the ground up. A new assembly line, with increased  smart tools and new methods have changed the way we build fairway, rough, and trim mowers forever.

Fuel savings and sound reduction

Offering the industry’s only hybrid fairway mowers,  the A Model E-Cut Hybrids have engine RPM Control that reduce max engine operating speed . Running at reduced engine rpms  can save up to 30 percent in fuel compared to conventional, non-hybrid models. And sound levels are also reduced.

Final Tier 4 compliant

The new A models are Final Tier 4 compliant without compromising on power. Clean-burning and efficient technologies like Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation, and a Smart Exhaust Filter assure you’ll have all the power and performance you need everywhere on the course.

Demonstration of TechControl display


More consistency and control is on the way. Set mow speeds. Control your operator's turns. Lock in fuel savings.

    The A Models Lineup

    The A Models Lineup

    Choose from conventional models or the industry's only hybrid options. Now on the A models, the E-Cut™ Hybrid fairway mowers can be set to automatically reduce throttle instead of relying on the operator, saving up to 30% in fuel over comparable John Deere conventional models.

    • Man is operating PrecisionCut mower.

      PrecisionCut Fairway Mowers

      Coming in 2014:

      • 7500A
      • 7700A
      • 8700A
    • Man is operating E-Cut Hybrid mower.

      E-Cut Hybrid Mowers

      Coming in 2014:

      • 7500A E-Cut
      • 8000A E-Cut
    • Studio image of trim mower

      Trim and Surrounds Mowers

      Coming in 2014:

      • 7200A
      • 7400A
    • Man is operating a TerrainCut mower.

      Rough Mowers

      Coming in 2014:

      • 8800A
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