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2954DForestry Swing Machine

Features & Specs

  • Improved horsepower
  • Updated hydraulic system
  • Greater reach and lifting
  • Increased swing torque
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Peak Power145 kW (194 hp)
Max. Hydraulic Flow496 L/m (131 gpm)
Swing Torque111 194 Nm (81,950 lbf.)
Drawbar Pull 30 812 kg (67,929 lb.)
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2954D Forestry Swing Machine

A machine as responsive as the company that built it.

The story goes like this: You asked for it and John Deere listened — the new D-Series Swing Machines combine plenty of new features to give you productivity like never before. Swing torque, tractive effort, horsepower, hydraulic flow, and the seamless integration of the attachment and carrier are all worth bragging about. The 2954D boasts 12 more inches of additional reach and a larger arm cylinder that promises additional lifting power. It's these powerful features that make each machine as responsive as the company that made it.



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