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K-Series Wheeled Feller Bunchers

K-Series Wheeled Feller Bunchers

So tough, so robust, and proven to be reliable - they're real go-getters in the woods.

    700J-Series Feller Bunchers

    700J-Series Feller Bunchers

    When you are ready to increase productivity, choose a 700J-Series Feller Buncher.

      900K-Series Feller Bunchers

      900K-Series Feller Bunchers

      The worst of the woods brings out the best in a 900K-Series Feller Buncher.

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        Smooth Operator

        Found exclusively on John Deere 900-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers, the optional Rapid Cycle System (RCS) delivers faster, low-effort operation, using a single joystick to control all boom functions. RCS combines automated felling-head arm cycling with simple boom control, dramatically reducing operator motion and fatigue, while increasing efficiency and productivity. The system shortens the learning curve and maximizes performance and can be tailored to individual skill levels. RCS can also be adjusted to match specific harvesting conditions, from large single-tree harvesting to high-speed, multi-stem cutting.


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        0% Interest for 36 Months Offer

        Three incredible finance offers on all new John Deere Skidders, Feller Bunchers, Tracked Harvesters and Knuckleboom Loaders: 0% interest for 36 months,* 1.9% interest for 48 months,* or 2.9% interest for 60 months.*

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