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E-Cut Hybrid Mowers

Confidence Comes Standard

No mowers generate more confidence than our E-Cut™ Hybrid models. And eliminating the possibility of a hydraulic leak in the reel circuit is just the beginning. E-Cut Hybrid technology delivers a cut that can only be generated by electricity. The reel speed always stays rock steady for a consistently ideal frequency of clip. So your course always looks pleasing to the eye and plays evenly as well.


More Sustainable Technology

Not only does this technology eliminate the chance of a turf damaging hydraulic leak in the reel circuit, it allows the mower to effectively run at reduced throttle to save fuel and reduce noise levels. In fact, the 2500E E-Cut Hybrid Gas model is the quietest engine-powered riding greens mower according to ISO standards. And even at reduced throttle, reel speed runs at a consistent clip and productivity is sustained.

Simple for your Crew to Make the Switch

When it comes to maintenance, these mowers are even easier to maintain than conventional models for technicians. Thanks to maintenance-free brushless electric motors, no hydraulic lines in the reel circuit, and all the standard benefits of John Deere reel mowers like Quick Adjust cutting units and White Box diagnostics.

Proven Hybrid Performance

Since 2005, E-Cut™ hybrid technology has been earning the trust of courses all over the world. And they incorporate lessons learned like second-generation motors and design features like separating controllers from the motors to prevent possible overheating.

Key benefits E-Cut™ Hybrid Technology on Walk Greens Mowers

Featuring better contour following and adjustable frequency of clip. There’s virtually no mechanical linkage to restrict cutting unit movement with the ball joint design and freedom of connecting the reel drive to a wiring harness. The frequency of clip can be precisely set and then monitored by a controller to ensure consistency no matter the traction speed of the machine.

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