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Introducing the most articulated aerators you’ve ever seen: the PrecisionCore™ A40 and V40

There’s never been a walk-behind aerator that could perform flawlessly whether a green was undulated or flat. Until now. Meet our new PrecisionCore A40 and V40. These two articulating aerators are the perfect combination of consistent coring, tight turns, and ease of use.


Tighter turns

At eight inches, the PrecisionCore has an incredibly tight turning radius. The A40 and V40 use a hydraulic relief valve in the turning wheel to allow for the machine to make hard turns without “scuffing” the turf. You’ll be impressed by how much time this saves on every pass.

Shift on the fly – a first for greens aerators

The PrecisionCore allows for 9 different hole spacing options that can be shifted on the fl. Got a wet or compacted area on your green that needs tighter spacing? No problem. The PrecisionCore lets you fine-tune spacing on every part of every green on your course.

Largest fuel tank in the industry

Large, 9.0 gal (34.1 L) fuel tank with low fuel protection system increases productivity.

Verticutter Option

Standard equipment on the V40 and optional for the A40, the verticutter attachment allows superintendents to operate at virtually any depth up to 1-3/4 in. (44.5 mm). Convenient handles and a transport lock up bracket allows the operator to lift the verticutter to a higher position for transporting.

Hole Quality



With the Flexi-Link on the rear of each machine, a rubber dampener system absorbs the motion of the machine, allowing the tine to stay perpendicular in the turf, resulting in optimal hole quality and no elongation at a high productivity rate.


Undulation following


The innovative articulating frame on the PrecisionCore ensures that it will core at a consistent depth on even the most undulating greens

Ease Of Operation

Convenient Operator Controls

No operator wants to spend time moving away from the operator station to locate controls necessary to do the job. On the John Deere PrecisionCoreTM, location of operator controls is simple – all of them are located within the reach of the operator.


No-tool adjustment for corning head


The PrecisionCore utilizes a hand crank system to establish aeration depth between 1.0 in. (25.4 mm) and 4.0 in. (101.6 mm). It’s easy to use and requires no tools for adjustment. A lock will ensure that the depth setting does not change during use.


Hassle-free magnetic tine holders


Changing worn tines is essential to superior hole and core quality. With our new magnetic tine holders, this process just got easier. The magnets hold each tine in place so you can tighten it down without having to hold the tines in place. No extra parts or special tools are required.

Precision Tines

Precision Standard

Manufactured using a standard heat treatment process, these tines provide good performance and durability.


Precision Plus

Manufactured using a proprietary heat treatment process, these tines offer premium performance and durability for excellent hole quality and a longer life.


Precision Ultra

Built with a carbide tip that increases longevity and provides consistent hole depth, these tines undergo a combination of a proprietary heat treatment process and a sandblasting process that provides a smoother interior surface and allows coring material to easily pass without plugging.


Download Precision Tine™ Reference Chart

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