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  • Offers a ''low'' back plate for better visibility
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Width56.0 in. (1422 mm)
Depth34.2 in. (869 mm)
Height20.8 in. (528 mm)
Shipping Weight326 lb. (148 kg)
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Construction Bucket Attachment

Worksite Pro™ Construction buckets have much greater capacity than competitive buckets, so they can carry and do more. They’re simply the best way to take advantage of 300-Series Skid Steers’ and Compact Track Loaders’
steep dump angle and high bucket rollback. (Not surprisingly, they also enhance the performance of
many competitive skid steers.)

Construction buckets come in the following widths:

56.0 in. (1422 mm)
60.0 in. (1524 mm)
66.0 in. (1676 mm)
72.0 in. (1829 mm)

Heavy-Duty Construction buckets come in the following widths:
76.0 in. (1930 mm)
78.0 in. (1981 mm)
84.0 in. (2134 mm)


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