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You need more than an equipment provider. You need a Partner, Fan, and Advocate.

Logging is a way of life. A calling passed through generations. One that gets in your blood and takes everything you've got. But one that you'll never give up. And that's why we're dedicated to providing equipment and solutions specifically for the work you do. It’s our way of making one of the toughest jobs in the world just a little bit easier.


Our technology combines with your work ethic to get the job done.

Mike McCoy reunited with his stolen Skidder thanks to JDLink

JDLink™ Thwarts Skidder Theft

On a bright and early March morning, Terri Hensley, Service Administrator at Stribling Equipment in Texarkana, Arkansas, answered a phone call from frantic customer, Mike McCoy. Mike was calling to let someone know his skidder had been stolen. Terri knew that machine had JDLink™ and that she could track it with the serial number and JDLink information.

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    Room full of judicial representatives during a meeting

    Farm bill provision provides certainty for forestry industry

    The provision states that forest roads are not point sources of water pollution.

      Find out why this is a victory for loggers
      A laptop open with JDLink™ on the screen

      John Deere Introduces New Value-Priced Telematics Solutions

      John Deere's user-friendly JDLink™ machine monitoring system is now available for all makes of stationary and mobile forestry equipment with two new Universal Telematics subscription levels. JDLink Locate and JDLink Express boast value-priced hardware and subscription costs. Both options provide easy remote access to machines through a single, simple-to-use website.

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        Innovations to boost your productivity

        Learn more about improving fuel economy

        We Predict an Upswing in Fuel Economy

        At John Deere, we're committed to helping you grow your business. One way we're doing that is by improving fuel economy on Forestry Swing Machines.

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          Upgrade to First Class

          Order a retrofit kit on your older John Deere forestry machines to the new seat available on our tracked feller bunchers, tracked harvesters, wheeled feller bunchers, and knuckleboom loaders.

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            John Deere feller buncher grabbing a tree with it's felling head

            Increased productivity is within your reach

            Expand your reach with the new boom option for 903K and 909K Tracked Feller Bunchers. The new long boom delivers increased productivity by stretching maximum reach to more than 32 feet (9.82m), a 10.6% increase over the standard boom, when used with our FR21B Disc Saw Felling Head. Designed to maximize productivity, the new long boom also provides a best in class cutting swath of 17' (5.18m) to handle more trees from one location.

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              Watch the video on how Deere is for loggers

              We're for Loggers

              At John Deere, we strive to be your Partner, Fan, and Advocate.

              Find out what we mean when we say, "We're for Loggers."


               Graphic showing 0.0% Interest for 36 Months Offer

              Three incredible finance offers on all new John Deere Skidders, Feller Bunchers, Tracked Harvesters and Knuckleboom Loaders: 0% interest for 36 months,* 1.9% interest for 48 months,* or 2.9% interest for 60 months.*

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