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John Deere Irrigation

John Deere Engines Offer Field-Proven Irrigation Power

At home in the field. John Deere irrigation engines know their way around a farm field. With more than 80 years of proven performance under our belt, you can depend on John Deere for uninterrupted performance and unbeatable fuel economy. Our engines work in hot, dusty field conditions. And they keep working to protect your valuable crop investment.

Biodiesel is here. Besides its environmental and energy-security benefits, quality biodiesel results in improved lubricity, minimal sulfur emissions, and reduced aromatics. All John Deere engines can use biodiesel blends. B5 blends are preferred, but concentrations up to 20 percent (B20) can be used, providing the biodiesel in the fuel blend meets the standards set by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) Standard D6751 or European Standard (EN) 14214. John Deere continues to perform lab and field tests using biodiesel. We have also developed a fuel conditioner for use with biodiesel fuels.

Irrigation in the field

The power of a worldwide support network. With John Deere, you never have far to go to find expert assistance and advice. The more than 4,000 service locations throughout the world give you peace of mind that you can get service when and where you need it. Plus, all John Deere engines are backed by a worry-free 1-year/unlimited-hour or 2-year/2,000-hour warranty. An extended 5-year/5,000-hour warranty is available under certain conditions.

Fast parts delivery. You can count on genuine John Deere parts. Our worldwide parts distribution system has overnight delivery available in most areas of the world. For even faster service, our dealers keep many maintenance and replacement parts in stock to get you back to work immediately.

Log on to www.JohnDeere.com/dealer to find the service dealer nearest you.

Selecting the Right Irrigation Engine

Irrigation engineJohn Deere gives you irrigation power choices from 31 kW to 373 kW (41 hp to 500 hp) that meet current emissions regulations for all irrigation equipment. When an entire crop is at stake, you’ll see why more farmers are choosing John Deere power for their irrigation units.

Below is a sampling of commonly chosen irrigation engines.



Visit our website at www.JohnDeere.com/specs to view additional power ratings.

PowerTech™ Interim Tier 4/Stage III B Engines
Technology Engine ModelRated Speed rpm Continuous Fuel Data† gal/hr   rpm Continuous Fuel Data† gal/hr
kW hp kW hp
PowerTech M
4024T* 2800 31 41 2.6 1800 27 35 1.9
PowerTech M
4045T** 2400 55 74 4.5 1800 50 67 3.7
PowerTech PWX
4045H 2200 74 99 5.3 1800 76 102 5.0
PowerTech PVX 4045H 2400 104 139 7.0 1800 100 134 6.6
PowerTech PVX 6068H 2200 129 173 8.8 1800 130 174 8.6
PowerTech PVX 6068H 2200 149 200 10.1 1800 156 209 10.2
PowerTech PVX 6090H 2200 224 300 15.1 1800 229 307 14.9
PowerTech PSX 6090H 2200 242 325 16.2 1800 256 343 16.1
PowerTech PSX 6135H 2100 373 500 24.9 1800 393 527 25.3

† This is preliminary information and is subject to change.

* Meets Interim Tier 4 and Stage III A emissions regulations.

** Meets Interim Tier 4 emissions regulations only.

Power Calculator

John Deere gives you irrigation power choices from 31 to 373 kW (41 to 500 hp) that meet current emissions regulations for all irrigation equipment.

Calculate your Power Requirement

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