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Planting Success Begins and Ends Here

Planting success begins and ends here

As your one-stop planting resource, we help you get your seed investment in the ground faster, with more accuracy – for impressive, picket-fence, perfect-stand results.


At John Deere, we know every grower has different planting tool and technology needs. That’s why our complete array of parts, services, attachments and technology is so ideal … you can customize the Total Planting Solution(s) that's right for you.


Powerful technology for better, in-field decision-making

Our monitoring technology, SeedStar™XP*, offers you greater operational efficiency thanks to better information gathering:


  • One glance at your monitor and you can check out how your planter is performing in multiple ways -- population, down force, singulation, seed overlap and more.
  • Touch the monitor screen to zoom in on specific aspects or individual row units.
  • Calculate how close you are to your performance-level goals, then make easy adjustments.

For a simulation of SeedStar2™/XP, view our demo.


To see how SeedStar2/XP looks when loaded onto your cab's display, go to JohnDeere.com/ReadyToPlant. On the right, click on Guides and Operational Tips. Scroll down and click on the SeedStarXP or SeedStar2 Quick Reference Guides.


Performance parts for any field condition

From heavy residue to tightly compacted soil to light, sandy soil, we’ve got all the best parts to coax exceptional yields from any field. Learn more about our row cleaners, openers, and more at JohnDeere.com/ReadyToPlant.


Seeding parts that produce Picket fence, Perfect stands

John Deere offers some of the most accurate, dependable seeding parts in the industry. They include:


  • The VacuMeter™ metering system delivers precise seed spacing and population control. Vacuum suction singulates and hold seeds until they are released directly over their target.
  • The translucent Flush-Face Seed Tube allows the seed-tube sensor to be mounted externally. That way, the seed can drop uninterrupted down the tube’s smooth surface, hitting its exact target.

For more information on our lineup of high-quality seeding parts, attachments and more view our online brochure.


*SeedStarXP It is built on the foundation of our previous technology, SeedStar2.

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