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Nutrient Applications

One of the most important inputs to increase corn grain yield is nitrogen. One source — anhydrous ammonia — is the least expensive and the longest lasting while delivering high yields, profit potential and nitrogen recovery. Dollar for dollar, month after month, acre for acre, there’s no better value.

Anhydrous ammonia is the most potent of nitrogen that costs less to transport. You don’t have to take as much to the field. You refill less often. It’s highly stable, thanks to new technology to apply it, reduce exposure to it and make it work harder for you.

The right nutrient applicator for you

2510H High-Speed Nutrient Applicator

Cover up to 59 acres an hour with the 2510H Applicator. The low-disturbance, high-clearance toolbar gives you flexibility to apply in heavy fall residue, or in the spring, right behind the planter all the way up to 30-inch corn. It can save up to 30 percent in fuel costs when soil conditions are favorable.

2510C Conventional Nutrient Applicator

Available in 13- and 17-row models, the 2510C Applicator gives you best-in-class durability, letting you cover more acres every season with limited downtime. The most reliable conventional anhydrous ammonia applicator delivers consistent placement, even in the toughest conditions.

2510S Strip-Till Master™ Nutrient Applicator

Apply dry, liquid or anhydrous fertilizer, conserve soil moisture and reduce soil erosion by maintaining residue on the field with the 2510S Applicator. For either medium or high-residue applications, choose from the Medium Residue or Residue Master configurations.

For speed and efficiency, add PitStop Pro

Take your productivity to an even higher level by adding the PitStop Pro to your 2510H applicator. This system allows you to quickly and easily change tanks — without ever leaving the cab.

Proven to seal in anhydrous

Anhydrous ammonia losses were less than one percent with the 2510H when soil moisture was adequate, according to our intensive verification and validation tests. That speaks volumes about the ability of its opener and toolbar to seal in anhydrous ammonia.

Supporting the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Strategy

Today's farmers face increased food demand and environmental challenges like never before. John Deere provides the technology needed to help implement the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Strategy: the right source at the right rate at the right time and the right place*. That includes equipment that incorporates nutrients into the soil so they’re more stable and less subject to losses — and equipment that makes it easier and more productive to apply closer to time of crop uptake. Whether you sidedress anhydrous ammonia or UAN, or topdress with urea, we deliver the equipment you need.

Get three-season revenues from your two-season machines.

Add a dry box option to the 4940 Sprayer.

When equipped with Load Command™, the 4940 Sprayer delivers the high capacity you need for your high-volume preplant work. Use it again for your summer postemergence applications to cover more acres per day and grow your net margins even more. New Direct Injection feature delivers a clean solution tank, easier changeover between crops and quicker loading with no chemicals to load each time. Use precisely the right amount of chemical each time.

Or add the DN345 Drawn-Dry Spreader to your tractors.

If you already lease or use tractors for custom anhydrous ammonia application, simply add the high-capacity DN345 Spreader to apply lime or dry fertilizer to provide an easy transition and make more productive use of your tractors. You’ll not only address peak demand but also keep your tractor producing revenue.

See your John Deere dealer today.

Ask about our solutions that apply. Nutrient application doesn’t get any better than this.

*The guidelines for the 4R principles are endorsed and supported by the International Plant Nutrition Institute, The Fertilizer Institute, The Canadian Fertilizer Institute, and the International Fertilizer Industry Association.

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