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Redesigned LaserRip II ripper points prove themselves in field.

Point by point, new LEDs outshine sealed beam lights


LEDs are the bright way to work the night shift because they offer so many advantages over sealed beam bulbs. Here are just some of the benefits LEDs offer that make working at night easier and more productive season after season:


Less power consumption


With LEDs, you’re less likely to overload your tractor’s battery and electrical system. That’s because LEDs draw far fewer amps than sealed-beam lights. Less power consumption:


  • Lets you run more lights with less draw. (Particularly helpful with older tractors.)
  • Helps protect your battery and alternator life.
  • Saves you service time and money and minimizes downtime.


Higher light output


Put simply, LEDs are just plain brighter than sealed beam bulbs. LEDs help you see farther and wider, while providing better depth perception and pattern recognition. More importantly, higher light output:


  • Causes less eye strain.
  • Makes it easier to hook up and unhook implements.
  • Gives you more coverage with fewer lights.


44x the life


Nothing’s worse than having to replace a light in the field. Fortunately, with their 40,000-hour life rating (compared to 2,000 hours for halogens) your LED lights may never need to be changed out for as long as you own your tractor. And that also saves you service time and expense while minimizing downtime.


Direct replacement


LED lights use the same wiring connections as sealed beam lights. So you don’t need to make any modifications to the light housing, or to your tractor, when upgrading to LED lighting. You literally plug them in and play. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.


Tougher performance


LEDs are rugged, hardworking lights that withstand harsh field conditions.


  • Vibration resistant: Unlike sealed beam bulbs, LEDs don’t have filaments, making them completely vibration resistant.
  • Extreme-temperature resistant. Unlike halogen lights, LEDs hold up in severe heat or cold.


As you can see, LEDs outshine sealed beam lights in every key way. Making them the bright way to work the night shift. Find out more on our Tractor Productivity Parts page.

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