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9 Series Balers

The most productive round baler in the industry just got better with the introduction of the 9 Series Round Baler from John Deere. With 12 new models to choose from, you’ll find the right sized machine for your hay and silage baling needs.


Beefed Up Baler Features


Across the entire 9 Series Round Baler lineup, customers will notice the upgrades, from beefier drive systems to more durable internal components to many other baling enhancements. These are all designed to increase baler durability and productivity in the field, while making it easier for you to service and maintain the equipment.


Our 459, 469, 559 and 569 baler models now feature heavier Diamond Chains; larger, stronger shafts and bearing, and they have shorter gate cycles to help you bale more hay faster. These models also come with adjustable tongues, extended lube drivelines, and larger tires that handle rough field conditions with ease.


For our beef and dairy producers, we’ve added more silage special balers to provide a more complete offering from top to bottom. The new 559 and 569 models are capable of making 5 x 5 ft. and 5 x 6 ft. bales weighing 1,750 lb. and 2,400 lb. (max. wet weight), respectively, and join our existing 459 and 469 silage special models.


Automation in new Premium Balers makes baling easy


But improvements to the 9 Series don’t stop there. We’ve also introduced two Premium models, the 469 Premium and 569 Premium, which offer heavier-duty components along with the latest technology available in the hay-making industry. They feature larger Diamond Chains, shafts, bearing and pickups, and we’ve changed the styling to include gull-wing side doors to make servicing a breeze. 


More importantly, we’ve added ISOBus electronics that fully integrate the baler with the tractor for improved hay-making automation, monitoring and control with an R Series Tractor CommandCenter and a GreenStar 1800 or 2630 Display. You get all the features of the BaleTrak Pro monitor integrated into your display to help operators of all skill levels make consistent, uniform bales every time.


But the technology doesn’t stop there. With new Tractor-Baler Automation, you get two levels of improved speed and productivity, depending on your needs. With level one, the baler gate automatically opens and closes when it’s time to release a bale – with no operator involvement. Level two (IVT transmission required) not only works the gate operator-free, but the baler tells the tractor when to stop, all on its own. That’s bale making made easy.


Make tight, uniform bales faster than ever


No matter what type of hay or forage you have or the size of bales you want to handle, there’s a new John Deere 9 Series Round Baler that’s a perfect match for your operation.


See your local John Deere dealer for the new 9 Series Baler that’s right for you.

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