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F3300Metal Screen Filter with Brushes, Electric Operation (Automatic)

Features & Specs

  • Sintered screen
  • Connection Size: 4"-14"
  • Screen options: 200, 400 micron
Minimum working pressure:1.0 bar
Maximum working pressure:8.0 bar
Maximum Pressure:10.0 bar

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F3300 Electric Operation

F3300 Electric Operation

F3300 Metal Screen Filters with Brushes and Electric Operation (Automatic) are the ideal choice for applications with minimal dirt. This line of F3300 Metal Screen Filters utilizes a brush assembly cleaning mechanism and are electrically operated, self cleaning filters. The filter’s operation is controlled by a simple flush controller and the cleaning process is activated automatically. The cleaning process can also be activated manually. The line of F3300 Metal Screen filters all utilizes a sintered screen better performance and longer life. These filters are designed for emission devices with large openings such as sprinklers.

F3300 Metal Screen Filters with Brushes Specifications

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