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Super XLSprinkler


  • Slow, rotating rotor sprinkler
  • Single continuous jet stream of water
  • Uniform wetting pattern
Flow Rates191 – 235 – 290 – 341 Lph
Operating Pressure2.5 to 3.5 Bar
Wetting DiameterUp to 17.0 m a@ 2.5 bar

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Super XL Sprinkler

Super XL

Super XL

The John Deere Super XL Sprinkler is a slow rotating rotor sprinkler which produces a single continuous jet stream of water. Because of the continuous stream, the sprinkler creates a uniform wetting pattern in the field. Easy to assemble and dismantle, the John Deere Super XL sprinkler allows efficient installation and maintenance.

The John Deere Super XL Sprinkler can be mounted on PVC risers or used with adapters to be compatible with metal rods or plastic stakes. And, like all John Deere irrigation products, the Super XL is made of premium materials, resisting UV degradation and break down from exposure to chemicals and fertilizers. The John Deere Super XL Sprinkler is a great choice for orchards, vegetable fields and nurseries.


On metal rods: For nurseries, vegetable fields, and overhead frost protection in fruit orchards.

On stakes or solid risers: For under tree irrigation in widely-spaced fruit orchards.


Super XL Sprinklers & Sprays Specifications

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