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Rondo & RFRMedium Range Micro Sprinklers


  • Rondo Flow Regulated (RFR)
  • Orchards, greenhouses, and vegetable crops
  • Configurable features and flexible installation options
  • Optional features: anti-insect cup
Rondo Flow Rates 30 – 300 Lph
Operating Pressure1.5 to 1.5 Bar
RFR Flow Rates23 – 100 l/h
Operating Pressure1.5 to 3.5 Bar

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Rondo & RFR  Medium Range Micro Sprinklers

Micro Sprinkler

Micro Sprinkler
The Rondo Micro Sprinkler is a great choice for orchards, greenhouses, and vegetable crops. With a wide range of configurable features and flexible installation options, the Rondo Micro Sprinkler can deliver the spray pattern that's right for your crop. The Rondo Micro Sprinkler delivers gentle droplets and a consistent spray pattern while inverted in greenhouses, under the canopy in orchards and on metal stakes in vegetable fields.

The Rondo's spray pattern size is moderate to wide and can be used for spacings of up to 7.5 meters by 7.5 meters. As an additional feature, Rondo is designed to be easily disassembled, allowing for both field maintenance and replacement of individual parts.

The Rondo Micro Sprinkler is available with optional features including nozzle connections,spinners, flow rates, an anti-insect snap-fit cup and numerous deflector plates, providing added protection and specialized spray patterns.


  • Under-canopy irrigation in orchards, on metal rods for vegetables irrigation, in greenhouses, inverted overhead.


Rondo & RFR Micro Sprinklers & Sprays Specifications

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