TE 4x2 Gator

Features & Specs

  • Super-quiet electric operation
  • Zero emissions
  • Road homologation (optional)
  • Deluxe Cargo Box
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Engine typeSeparately excited 48V Electric motor
Velocity0-25 km/h (0-15 mp/h)
Payload capacity409 kg
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Clean up your act with zero emissions.

Golf courses, work premises or even enclosed spaces – the Gator TE has what it takes where being green matters, and where quiet, emission-free operation is the order of the day. With a long pedigree of impressive credentials – including powerful batteries, rapid torque rise and the new multifunctional Deluxe Cargo Box – the Gator TE means you can now opt for an electric drive without compromising on power.

Clean up your act with zero emissions.

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