CX 4x2Gator

Features & Specs

  • Extremely compact size
  • Comfortable low load height
  • Durable composite cargo box
  • Automatic transmission
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Engine type286 cc, 1-cylinder, petrol
Engine power9.5 hp
Velocity0-24 km/h / (0-15 mp/h)
Payload capacity363 kg
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The solution that gets you out of any tight spot.

The compact Gator CX is unbeatable for negotiating narrow paths and tight tracks or weaving your way through shrubs and bushes. This type of terrain brings out the best in this little trooper. If space is at a premium, but you don‘t want to sacrifice the diversity and quality you‘ve come to expect from John Deere, this compact all-rounder is the perfect choice!

Compact Gator CX

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