XUV 855DGator

Features & Specs

  • True On-Demand 4-Wheel Drive
  • Independent double-wishbone suspension
  • Top speed of 52 km/h
  • Fully enclosed CVT transmission
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Engine type854 cc, 3-cylinder, Diesel
Engine power21 hp
Velocity*0-52 km/h (0-32 mp/h)
Payload capacity635 kg
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A fun-tastic performer.

Introducing the ultimate member of the Gator family – the Gator XUV 855 Diesel PS. When our engineers are given free rein, the result is a utility vehicle that is simply beyond compare.

This Gator utility vehicle is always the right choice – whatever your plans and no matter how tough the terrain. With its innovative technologies and ultra-strong components, you won‘t believe the sheer power of the Gator XUV 855 Diesel PS.

Gator XUV 855D PS

*If equipped with EEC road homologation kit max speed is limited to 40 km/h (25mp/h).

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