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Compact Utility Tractors

No matter what size of tractor you choose, one thing remains constant – superior performance. Each tractor in the line-up is tailor made for demanding applications. And it’s easy to see why with high performance details and options like powerful high torque engines, convenient automatic two pedal transmissions and best-in class fully integrated cabs -there’s no job too big for these tractors to tackle. Don’t let their size fool you. First step up your expectations then step into your John Deere dealership to find the tractor that’s right for you.

1R Series 1R Series Compact Utility Tractors

Ideal for mowing, loading, tillage and many other tasks. The 1R series sub-compact tractors are as versatile as you want them to be, whether you are a professional landscaper/municipality or own a large property to maintain.

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2R Series 2R Series Compact Utility Tractors

Although sized to easily park in garages or negotiate tight spots, the 2R Series tractors have the durable “big tractor” features you expect to overcome every task whether you are a professional landscaper, a municipality or a large property owner.

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3000 Series 3000 Series Compact Utility Tractors

Never before have tractors this size offered so much power that is this easy to use. With outstanding electronic features like LoadMatch (automatically adjusts the transmission speed to the engine load), an optional ComfartGard cab, optional exclusive AutoConnect Mowing decks and an easy to attach loader, the 3000 Series Compact Utility Tractors offer the power you need for the task at hand.

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4R Series 4000 Series Compact Utility Tractors

Step up to the 4000 Series Compact Utility Tractors and benefit of a genuine John Deere PowerTech engine with electronically controlled fuel injection, a fixed geometry turbo charger and an intercooler for optimal performance. The 4000 Series also come with electronic power management , an optional ComfortGard cab and an easy to attach loader.

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