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Service to the South Pacific


Vol. 1, 2011
Service to the South Pacific

The Domino is a vessel of care and compassion to remote island residents in the Caribbean    


PowerSource is pleased to feature an interview with Jean Pierre and Marie Dufour. Jean Pierre, a retired family practitioner, and Marie Dufour, a retired nutritionist, are owners of a new twin-engine catamaran they call Domino. After rearing their five children, the couple built the 20-m (66 ft.) motorcat passagemaker to cruise the oceans of the world and provide health and nutrition services to the most isolated islands of the South Pacific. In this article, the Dufours share their goals and travel experiences since the launch of this new John Deere-powered vessel in December 2009 in Asuncion, Paraguay.


PowerSource: What are some of the reasons why you decided to build the Domino?

Jean Pierre: Our goal is to provide health missions to the most isolated islands of the South Pacific in coordination with the World Health Organization. Domino was designed and built to cruise and work in the South Pacific. We wanted a two-person liveaboard catamaran capable of cruising any ocean at a reasonable speed, with comfort, great reliability, and autonomy. We asked renowned catamaran designer Malcom Tennant to apply his lifetime experience in catamaran design, and he came up with the cruising machine called Domino.


PowerSource: What were some of your design goals for the Domino?

Marie: The boat had to be easily handled by only two people who were not professional mariners. We chose a motor catamaran over a monohull because we find cats more spacious. The cabin is arranged on one level: head, stateroom, galley, salon and pilothouse are all en-suite. This gives a very open feeling to the entire boat. With 25 windows, we have a full 360° view of our surroundings. It's quite lovely!

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