Feed Value    
This is the dollar value of the crop harvested (and/or ensiled) on a farm based on the yield, moisture, and current price of ensiled crops.
  Alfalfa Corn  
Number of acres           
Number of cuttings           
Tons per acre (wet)           
Estimated moisture content (%)           
Price per ton dry matter $  
      Provide the price per dry matter ton as if your operation had to purchase feed.
Moisture content error (%)      Provide the moisture content error for your current moisture content measure method.

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  Alfalfa Corn          
Feed value error     +   =
The feed value error calculation is based on the value of the feed and the error provided. If your operation hires a custom forage harvester that charges per dry matter ton, this calculation represents the absolute value of the error, which could result in an overcharge or undercharge situation.
Feed value     +   =
This is the value of the feed produced on the farm. The feed value is calculated using the number of acres, number of cuttings, average yield,Estimated moisture content and the price per dry matter ton.
*These are estimates only based on numbers provided, not actual results.
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