Healthy Directions

Sarah Reese's Success Story

Who has not faced the daily dilemma of staring into the refrigerator, wondering what to fix for dinner? That's one stressor Sarah Reese no longer has on her plate, since she signed up for Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating meal plan in August.

Good nutrition had taken somewhat of a back seat in the months before and after she and her husband married last March. And after learning about the program from her mother - and sampling one of her extra meals - Sarah talked her husband into trying it.

"It's very nice to not have to worry about shopping, planning or cooking meals once I get home after work," says Sarah. Instead, she picks up the ready-to-go meals twice each week from the Seattle Sutton Des Moines/Windsor Heights distributor. A couple minutes in the microwave, and dinner is served. "I still put it on plates so it's like a home-cooked meal. You're not eating food that's been frozen or treated. It tastes like fresh food."

The meal plan, one of several company-sponsored diet and nutrition programs in the Healthy Directions Weight Management program, supplies 21 freshly prepared meals weekly. The Reese's chose the 2,000 calorie-a-day-program. "It's actually a lot of food - too much, actually. A lot of times I don't eat it all," adds Sarah. Portions on the 1,200-calorie-a-day plan are smaller, naturally. "It's a real eye opener to see what 1,200 calories really look like, versus what we're used to seeing at restaurants," agrees Des Moines/Windsor Heights distributor Kim Corcoran.

While Sarah has noticed health improvements, the core benefit in her mind is about having more time as a couple - and not having to hit the grocery store every weekend. "For right now in our life, it's a good thing. It's mainly about less stress, and having more time to spend with my husband, work on hobbies or work out," she says. "It's given me more time and peace of mind that I'm eating healthy."

With a rotating meal cycle, she adds there's a lot of variety in the food. "There have been a few [meals] that I wasn't that fond of, but it was because I didn't like that particular food. But they have the best veggie burger I've ever had in my life," says Sarah, who has no qualms about recommending the plan.

"Give it a try for one week. It's what did it for me. I think people would be impressed by how good the food really is," she adds.