Healthy Directions

Your Wellness Action Plan

At John Deere, we take pride in offering Healthy Directions, our benefits and wellness program, to you and your family.

The 2014 Your Wellness Action Plan incentive window is now closed. Thank you to all who participated by completing the online courses and biometric health screening!

To confirm you met the incentive requirements, check the Asset Health website.

If you were eligible and completed all requirements, the $300 taxable incentive will be paid to you in June.

What should I do with my results?

Your biometric health screening numbers may point to areas you can begin improving today. Here are suggested next steps:

  • Have you completed your numbers in previous years? Compare your biometric health screening results from year to year. Look for trends that may be developing. Keep your current and past results handy for quick reference.
  • Share your results with your doctor. Talk with your doctor about any areas of concern and develop a specific plan to maintain or improve these numbers.
  • Take advantage of available employee programs and resources:
    • LiveWell WorkWell, the employee assistance program, provides a range of resources and services on topics such as emotional, financial and personal issues.
    • QuitPower┬«, a new tobacco cessation program, can help you quit tobacco.
    •, the UnitedHealthcare┬« website, also holds many helpful health and wellness resources.