Healthy Directions

Your Wellness Action Plan

At John Deere, we take pride in offering Healthy Directions, our benefits and wellness program, to you and your family.

As part of our efforts to improve overall health at John Deere, you have the opportunity to earn a $300 cash incentive by participating in Your Wellness Action Plan in 2014. To receive the incentive, you must complete the two requirements below by April 30, 2014:

1. Complete the Online Courses

Two, 15-minute courses are available March 17-April 30. These courses, offered through Asset Health, Inc., will help you better understand and manage your health. When you have successfully completed a course with a 60% or higher score on the test, you will see a confirmation checkmark on the Asset Health homepage indicating completion. The two courses are:

1. My Diet and Good Health
2. Beginning a Simple and Healthy Fitness Program

Please note if you did not complete the three required courses from 2013, you will need to complete these in addition to the two new courses in order to earn the incentive. To find out if you have completed the courses, log on to Asset Health and look for a green checkmark next to the course name on the homepage. A green checkmark indicates that you have completed the course. The 2013 courses include:

1. Health Care Consumerism
2. Health Plan Basics
3. My Health Savings Account

For help navigating the Asset Health website, see the quick guide. The guide shows you how to view the available courses, confirm your progress toward the 2014 Your Wellness Action Plan incentive requirements, read current health news – and even set up email reminders to take the courses.

Are you having problems accessing the courses? Click here for instructions to help make the website work for you.

2. Know your numbers

Complete a 15-minute, confidential on- or off-site biometric health screening.

New this year: No need to enter your biometric health screening numbers online! For on-site screenings provided by Summit Health, just check the Asset Health website to make sure your biometric screening is showing complete. If you used a vendor other than Summit Health for on-site or off-site options you must submit the required form and then check the Asset Health website in a couple weeks to make sure your biometric screening is showing complete. Keep your paperwork and fax or mail receipts.

  • On-Site Screenings: The Summit Health on-site screenings are complete. If your unit provides on-site screenings through a vendor other than Summit Health, you will need to record your numbers and send your results to Summit Health using this form.

  • Off-Site Screenings: Several options for off-site screenings include:
    • Request a home kit (instructions here)
    • A visit to a physician for an annual exam that includes routine blood work, or you can use numbers from a recent screening if it occurred after August 1, 2013 to the present date. Record your numbers and send to Summit Health by April 30 using this form)

You are encouraged to submit your form early in the incentive period to ensure a June payout. To submit your off-site screening results to Summit Health, follow the instructions on the form.

Have Questions? - See the Your Wellness Action Plan FAQ

Need your SAP ID?

1. Your SAP ID number can be found on the Employment Info tab in Employee Self-Service (ESS)
2. Find your SAP ID in the top right hand corner

  • You will use the last six digits of your 6 digit SAP ID
  • For example, if your SAP ID number is 00123456, you will use 123456

You can call Deere Direct at 1-800-213-3373 for retirees and surviving spouses or 1-888-432-3373 for employees if you do not have access to the John Deere network and need your six-digit SAP ID.

Leadership Message

Watch a video​ from Marc Howze for more information on Your Wellness Action Plan.


To be eligible for the $300 Your Wellness Action Plan incentive, you must be a U.S. employee, retiree or surviving spouse eligible for Healthy Directions health care plan but are not required to be enrolled in a Healthy Directions health care plan. (Exception: Wage employees at Augusta, Greeneville and JD Paton must be enrolled in a Healthy Directions plan to be eligible for the cash incentive.)

Safe, Secure, Confidential

Personal health information is, by law, confidential. The company will not have access to individual biometric health screening results.
Contact Deere Direct at 1-888-432-3373 with any questions.