Healthy Directions

Biometric Health Screening

How do I get my free biometric health screening?

You have three ways to receive your current* biometric health screening numbers:

  • On-site screening. Many John Deere units are conducting on-site biometric health screenings through Summit Health for your convenience. Unit screenings will be taking place through early April. Watch your email, bulletin boards, or television screens at your location for more information. Click here for a list of on-site screenings.
  • Appointment with a physician. Your physician can conduct a fasting lipid test as part of your annual physical. If you use the physician form, your information will be confidentially loaded directly into your Personal Health Assessment. If you choose not to use the form, you can still get your biometric health screening information from your physician and manually enter your numbers in the Personal Health Assessment. Some physician fees may not be covered; see FAQ for more details.
  • Visit a LabCorp facility. A LabCorp Patient Service Center will collect a sample to test your cholesterol and glucose levels. To find the Patient Service Center locations near you, visit LabCorp's website, enter your zip code and search for labs offering "routine clinical lab collections".

If there are no LabCorp locations within your search radius, say "No" to being a member of any of the health plans listed. Then select a larger search radius so you can find a LabCorp facility.

You will need to take the LabCorp form with you to the lab for the free testing.

Why should I complete the biometric health screening?

  • Getting your current* numbers will help you understand your current health situation and help you find ways to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Knowing your current* numbers is required for the Personal Health Assessment and one of the requirements to earn the $300 Your Wellness Action Plan incentive.
  • The biometric results from attending an onsite screening event or using the physician or LabCorp forms will be loaded in the Personal Health Assessment. Make sure your numbers are in your Personal Health Assessment in order to qualify for the incentive.

* It is recommended that your numbers be updated annually in order to better manage your health. In order to successfully complete the Personal Health Assessment, you must have had your numbers checked within the last three years.