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Health Care Policy Change for John Deere U.S. Households Comprised of Employees and Retirees with Salaried Health Care Benefits

On 8 September 2008, a letter and scenarios document were mailed to John Deere U.S. households comprised of employees and retirees with salaried health care benefits (excluding Augusta wage employees). The letter contained information about a policy change effective 1 January 2009 that impacts John Deere employees and retirees with salaried health care benefits whose spouses are also employed by or retired from John Deere with salaried health care benefits. This policy change gives eligible John Deere households an additional health care enrollment option:

  • Elect family health care benefits coverage as a household

  • Or
  • Employees can continue to elect their own health care benefits as in the past.

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Retirement Health Care Benefits: Education for Active Employees

Retirement Health Care Benefits LiveMeetings were held in late February and early March for active employees. Presentation slides and frequently asked questions are now available.

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How Will Your Health Savings Account (HSA) Affect Your 2008 Tax Return?

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2011 Health Savings Account (HSA) Contribution Limits

Your total HSA contributions from all sources (employee, employer, and other third parties) cannot exceed the 2008 IRS limits. If you have a spouse and he/she is eligible for his/her own HSA, certain combined limits will apply.

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Retiree Health Care Benefit Plan Changes

As you know, John Deere recently announced changes to the way retiree health care benefits are delivered. Active U.S. salaried employees who are eligible for company-subsidized health care in retirement (generally, those hired prior to 1 April 2000) will be participating in the two new retiree programs upon their retirement.

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