Healthy Directions

Retirement Health Care Benefits: Education for Employees

New brochures are now available to employees that provide information on health benefits in retirement. To view the brochures, click on the links below.

Retirement Health Care Benefits LiveMeetings were held in late February and early March for active employees. The purpose of these sessions was to provide employees with:

  • Details about Healthy Directions plans for individuals preparing to retire
  • Information about special cases
  • Resources to help plan for retirement

The meetings were geared toward employees who have subsidized health care in retirement and plan on retiring within the next five years; however, all employees were welcome to attend.

To view presentation slides from the Retirement Health Care Benefits LiveMeeting, click on the link below.

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To view a list of frequently asked questions compiled during the Retirement Health Care Benefits LiveMeetings, click on the link below.

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