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2012 Benefit Summaries

If you are a U.S. salaried employee or a non-bargained wage employee from any of the units listed below, you may be eligible for one or more of the health plans that follow. Health plans have limited service areas and may not be available in your location. Please see your enrollment materials to determine which health plans are available to you.

It's also important to note that there have been some changes in a few of the health plans.

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AN A&I Products U.S.
90 Deere & Company
1706 Deere-Hitachi Mining Services
PC Intelligent Vehicle Systems
28 JDIL - Region 1
AI John Deere Agri Services (JDAS)
YZ John Deere Coffeyville Works
LV John Deere Commercial Products - Augusta, Salary
LV John Deere Commercial Products - Augusta, Wage
17 John Deere Construction & Forestry
79 John Deere Credit - Des Moines
9A John Deere Credit - Madison
KT John Deere Cylinder - Minneapolis
DW John Deere Davenport Works
N John Deere Des Moines Works
T John Deere Dubuque Works
H John Deere Harvester Works (including Seeding and Cylinder - Moline)
M John Deere Horicon Works
GZ John Deere Landscapes
E John Deere Ottumwa Works
18 John Deere Power Systems
SE John Deere Reman
T8 John Deere Thibodaux
TC John Deere Turf Care Inc. (Fuquay Varina)
9Q John Deere Water Technologies
RG John Deere Waterloo Engine Works
RF John Deere Waterloo Foundry
R John Deere Waterloo Works
NA Navcom Technology, Inc.
10 North American Agricultural Marketing Center (NAAMC)
DY Parts Distribution Center
PH Phoenix International, North Dakota
05 Raleigh
MI Southeast Engineering Center
SB Sunbelt
2V Waratah Forestry Attachment
RE Waterloo Product Engineering Center

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Provider Directory

Find out which providers are considered in-network in your health plan. The provider directory has a comprehensive list of providers that are available to you.