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Black Polyethylene Hose & Tubing

Polyethylene hose and tubing

John Deere Water's commitment to tradition, integrity, and innovation is obvious in our advanced micro and drip irrigation products, and these core values also shine through in our most basic products, such as our full line of premium polyethylene hose and tubing. We focus on the fundamentals of cost containment, reliability, and quality control so that you can be free to focus on growing your business.

While our price-performance balance is unmatched in the field, we don't compromise on quality. All hose and tubing is fabricated from premium polyethylene resin, specially formulated to resist cracking and kinking, and to ensure longterm reliability. But resin strength alone is not enough; it takes precision manufacturing to ensure the uniformity of internal diameter and wall thickness that delivers the kind of performance demanded by experienced growers: hose and tubing that perform predictably under severe conditions.

Black Polyethylene Hose & Tubing Data Sheet: US Units Metric Units

Installation Instructions

Allow extra footage for thermal contraction and expansion in outdoor installations.

Use John Deere Water approved compression fitt ings with hose.

Wiggle hose into compression fittings, do not twist or turn. The hose should be inserted into the fitting to the depth that is equal to the hose diameter plus 1/2".

Operating pressures should not exceed 60 PSI. Pressures with compression fittings should not exceed 35 PSI.

Do not allow heavy equipment to run over the hose in above ground use.

Extended exposure to heavy chlorine concentrations can damage any polyethylene hose and tubing.

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