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F3100 Metal Screen Filter (Manual)

John Deere Metal Filters

F3100 Metal Screen Filter (Manual)

F3100 Metal Screen Filters (Manual) are excellent filtration choices for removing heavy inorganic particulates from water, such as sand. Manual screen filters are designed to remove particles from the water by passing the water through an open area in the screen. The dirt particles are collected on the screen and can be removed when the filter is opened and the screen is cleaned manually.

The F3100 Metal screen filters is used in conjunction with sand separators and media filter arrays as a control filter and as a back up filter in the field. The F3100 Metal Screen Filter can be used with well water that is relatively clean.

Datasheets and Technical Specifications

John Deere F3100
Operating guidelines
Maximum working pressure: 120 psi
Maximum pressure: 150 psi
Ordering information
Screen options: 120 mesh

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