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T-Tape Layflat

Premium vinyl layflat hose

John Deere Water's T-Tape layflat hose is an excellent choices as supply manifolds or transfer lines in drip irrigation systems. Each of the T-Tape layflat hoses are manufactured using advanced technology. The manufacturing technology used produces a high quality product with homogeneous construction, all in one continuous process. The result is increased longitudinal strength and the elimination of separations between the layers. And as an additional benefit, the smooth inside layer reduces friction, creating lower pressure loss in the irrigation system. The T-Tape layflat hoses are available in both medium and high pressure models and in a range of diameters from 1 1/2" to 8".

T-Tape Layflat Data Sheet: US Units Metric Units


T-Tape Layflat is available in both high and medium pressure models. Layflat hoses are important components in drip irrigation systems. With specially designed fittings, T-Tape Layfat hoses connect to any of the John Deere Water brands of drip tapes and driplines.

The flexible and reliable PVC based hose can be used as a feeder hose, main/submain or for general purpose water discharge applications.

Medium pressure

Color - Blue
Diameters - 1 1/2" to 8"
Working pressure - 45 to 80 PSI
(pressure is related to diameter of the hose)

High pressure

Color - Red
Diameters - 2" to 8"
Working pressure - 70 to 150 PSI
(pressure is related to diameter of the hose)

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