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Polyethylene flat hose

MAX-FLAT HOSEĀ® is the most versatile hose available for submain or water transfer applications. The combination of toughness, ease-of-use, and portability makes MAX-FLAT HOSE the right choice for commercial growers everywhere. We focus on the fundamentals of cost-containment, reliability, and quality control so that you can be free to focus on growing your business.

Once again our price-performance balance is unmatched in the field; we don't compromise on quality. MAX-FLAT HOSE is fabricated from premium polyethylene resin, specially formulated to resist stress cracking and kinking, and to ensure long-term reliability. But resin strength alone is not enough; it takes precision manufacturing to ensure the uniformity of internal diameter and wall thickness that delivers the kind of performance demanded by growers.

MAX-FLAT HOSE Data Sheet: US Units Metric Units

MAX-FLAT HOSE gives growers more versatility than other submain choices.

Versatility, because it can be rolled up for easy delivery, handling, and storage.

Versatility, because this durable hose can be used in so many applications.


Hose sizes - 1 1/4" to 4"

Maximum operating pressures - 21 (standard), 29, 41 PSI

Recommendations for installation

Allow extra length for thermal contraction and expansion in outdoor installations. Use recommended fittings with hose clamp.

Suitable for subsurface and surface installations.


Extended exposure to heavy chlorine concentrations can damage any polyethylene hose and tubing.

Do not operate the systems at higher than the maximum pressure of the MAX-FLAT.

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