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F3300 Metal Screen Filter with Electric Operation (Automatic)

John Deere Metal Filters

F3300 Metal Screen Filter with Electric Operation (Automatic)

The F3300 Metal Screen Filters with Electric Operation are highly efficient and self-cleaning. The sintered screens are automatically cleaned with the continuous linear movement of the suction nozzles, which are driven by an electric motor. The flushing cycle of the F3300 Metal Screen Filters are actuated at a predetermined pressure differential or on a schedule using the timer. The filters continue to operate during flushing and utilize a small amount of water during flushing, making the filters very efficient.

The F3300 Metal Screeen Filters with Electric Operation are used as primary filters for water containing large quantities of dirt, up to 50 ppm, and are used with water sources such as rivers, lakes, wells, and recycled water.

Datasheets and Technical Specifications

John Deere F3300
Operating guidelines
Maximum working pressure: 120 psi
Minimum operating pressure: 30 psi
Maximum pressure: 150 psi
Ordering information
Screen options: 80, 120, 150 mesh
Sintered Screen

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