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Flow-regulated online dripper

For outstanding flow regulation and consistent flows over a wide range of pressures, the Supertif is the dripper for you.

Supertif is the ideal choice for applications on sloping terrain or where long driplines are required. Applications also include nurseries and landscape.

The Supetif drippers can be confi gured to work with multibranching outlets or just the dripper itself. All of the Supertif drippers have a self-activated flushing mechanism and are manufactured with superior materials, for a long life.

Datasheets and Technical Specifications


Three raised port outlets:

Conic - matches John Deere Water's 2 and 4-way branching adaptors

SLB - Straight barbed outlet, fits 3x5mm (.118" x .197") microtubes

SOL - 90° barbed side outlet, fi ts 3x5mm (.118" x .197") microtubes

Flow rates: 0.58, 1.0, 2.1, 3.2, 6.6 gph

Operating pressure range: 8-50 PSI

Installation: Use 2 mm (.079") punch tool


On sloping terrain or where long driplines are required

Watering plants in pots and containers

Home gardens


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