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PRO-GRIP Fittings and Tools

Working with growers, John Deere Water has a tape fitting line that delivers both improved performance and ease-of-use over other fittings in the industry today. The PRO-GRIP tape fitting line has the most popular fittings, including tape couplings, take-offs and transition barbs. PRO-GRIP tape fittings work exceptionally well with all major brands of drip tape.

The PRO-GRIP fittings contain many features that make them stand out above the rest. Features such as smooth wings on the body, allowing users to install many fittings with less stress on their hands. Large ridges on the nuts make them easier to tighten, and an advanced sealing interface provides for a positive seal. Additionally, the long tape barb helps guide the drip tape into the right position, and ensures a better seal by allowing more drip tape past the seal point. The bright green nut color makes them more visible in the field and during tape retrieval.

PRO-GRIP tape fittings deliver high performance at a great value. As a member of the John Deere Water family of products, you can be sure PRO-GRIP reflects the tradition, integrity and innovation that have made John Deere Water a world leader in cost-effective, precision water delivery systems.

PRO-GRIP Data Sheet: US Units Metric Units

3 PRO-GRIP coupler fittings

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