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The John Deere E1000 Online Dripper is a non-regulated dripper with several key features that allow you to create the right irrigation system in your operation. Starting with the E1000 Online Dripper’s 2-part body construction, the E1000 can be disassembled and easily maintained in the field. All of the E1000 Online Drippers have a multi-function outlet port, providing numerous connection options for system components. Even the low profile of the E1000 Online Dripper helps to keep the irrigation system out of the way of everyday work. And with the color coding of the E1000 Online Dripper, you’ll easily know how to identify the flow rate.

Under trees in orchards or in potted plants, there’s a John Deere E1000 Online Dripper made to keep you flowing.

Datasheets and Technical Specifications

E1000 Online Dripper - built with take-apart, 2-piece construction


Nominal flow rates: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 gph.

Operating pressure range: 15-30 psi.

Cover color indicates the flow rate.

E1000 can be disassembled for cleaning. Multi-function port allows use of different type of connectors.

Installation: Use 2 mm punch tool.

Applications: orchards and potted plants in nurseries and home gardens.

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