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The Right Choice in Sprinklers

We’re proud that some customers still call us to report their original 435/436 works today as well as the day they bought it—in some cases, after more than 25 years of service. While we can’t guarantee that kind of life-span, it’s good to know our products can show this kind of performance in the only place it really matters: in your greenhouse or nursery.

The 435/436 Sprinkler is designed to serve a wide range of applications. Changeable nozzles combined with unique design make it flexible enough to create fine mists or large droplets, at any angle you choose.

Simplicity is the key to this remarkable performance—the 435/436 Sprinkler has just one moving part. And every 435/436 Sprinkler is created from only premium UV-resistant resins. The result is a durable, reliable sprinkler that will be there when you need it, year after year, delivering a uniform pattern of mist or droplets just where you need them.

As part of our family of premium products, you can be sure that the 435/436 Sprinkler will deliver the long-term reliability, cost-effectiveness, and performance you’ve come to expect from every John Deere product.

The 435/436 Sprinkler is the traditional favorite of growers seeking a flexible yet reliable sprinkler for a wide range of applications. Interchangeable nozzles allow easy control of out-flow characteristics—from irrigating “rain droplets” to fine moistening mists. Our use of premium UV-resistant resin and single-moving-part construction give the 435/436 Sprinkler unmatched resistance to wear and mechanical breakdown. The result is just what you’d expect from a John Deere product: years of cost-effective, reliable performance.

Use the 435/436 for propagation misting and light overhead watering in the greenhouse, or swap nozzles to create the ideal droplet size for your outdoor nursery applications. And the 435/436 can easily be inverted to accommodate low rooflines which demand a low-arc spray pattern.

Orchard and grove growers can deliver a range of uniform rain-type droplets on even terrain, hillsides, or heavy soil. And landscapers can easily find a nozzle that’s right for any hydroseeding, slope planting, or groundcover job. All of these applications are covered by just four nozzles, which can be quickly changed by hand—there’s no need for special tools, glue, or additional fittings.

Datasheets and Technical Specifications

Close-up detail of RO-DRIP

If you’re like a lot of veteran growers, you may know the 435/436 Sprinkler simply as “The Orange One.” This workhorse sprinkler was our first product and, perhaps more than any other, embodies the commitment to tradition, integrity, and innovation that have made John Deere a world leader in precision water delivery systems.

Simplicity in design allows full assembly without the use of tools. Sprinkler base is available in two basic styles to simplify conversion of existing systems and to give you flexibility on first-time installations.

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