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Supertif ND
Supertif ND

Supertif ND
No-drain, flow-regulated online drippers

Like the standard Supertif dripper, the Supertif ND (no-drain) and Supertif NDH (no-drain, high pressure) both deliver consistent flow rates for long run lengths and on sloping terrain. The Supertif ND / NDH drippers have the self-activating flushing mechanism to provide excellent clog resistance.

The Supertif ND and Supertif NDH drippers have the added feature of built-in no-drain diaphragms, eliminating the draining of water when the system is shut off. The drippers are an ideal choice for pulse irrigation and as master emitters in loop systems.

Datasheets and Technical Specifications


Three raised port outlets:

Conic - matches 2 and 4-way branching adaptors

SLB - Straight barbed outlet, fits 3x5mm (.118" x .197") microtubes

SOL - 90° barbed side outlet, fits 3x5mm (.118" x .197") microtubes

Available in two models:

Supertif ND (No-Drain):
Sealing pressure: 2.2 PSI
Operating pressure range: 8.7-50 PSI, Flow rates: .29, .581, 1.0, 2.1* gph
* Available only with straight conic port outlet

Supertif NDH (No-Drain High):

Sealing pressure: 5.1PSI. Operating pressure range: 14.5-50 PSI
Flow rates: .423, .819, 1.40, 2.11*, 2.9* gph


Pulse irrigation in greenhouses

Watering flower pots & plant bags in nurseries

For long driplines in orchards or on sloping terrain

As master emitters in Loop systems

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