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Fogger Low Flow

Growers choose the FLF (Fogger - Low Flow) for irrigation and as a method to alter the humidity and the evaporative climate in both greenhouses and high tunnels. The FLF is so versatile that it is can be used as part of a cooling system in husbandry or for irrigation in both cutting propagation and seed germination.

Because of the unique vortex flow, the FLF delivers the finest droplets, even at low flow rates. Team up the FLF with an anti-leak mini-valve and you've got a system with some serious control. Once the irrigation system is shut off, there is no more flow through the fogger.

FLF Data Sheet: US Units Metric Units


Flow rates at 50 psi:

1.43 gph - light blue nozzle cap and vortex insert

2.8 gph - dark blue nozzle cap and vortex insert

Recommended operation pressure range: 50-72 PSI

Average droplet size: 70 micron

Configuration options:

Single nozzle fogger: nozzle fits directly into the anti-leak mini-valve

Tee adaptor assembled with 2 foggers

Cross adaptor assembled with 4 foggers

The adaptors are mounted onto the conic outlet of the anti-leak mini-valve.

For direct insertion into PE laterals, use the anti-leak mini-valve with barbed inlet.

For direct insertion into PVC laterals, add 4x7 mm (.16" x .28") grommet to the barbed inlet of the mini-valve.


Humidification and evaporative climate control in greenhouses and high tunnels

Livestock cooling

Cutting propagation and seed germination on tables

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