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SDI Considerations

What you should consider before choosing an SDI System. Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation
1 Field layout - Field shapes and sizes
2 Field Conditions - Soil type, depth of topsoil, subsoil type, slope, and topography
3 Water - Availability, quantity, and quality (performing a water quality test is essential)
4 Crops – Type, requirements, and rotation
5 Cultural practices - Seed germination, tillage practices, and harvesting
6 Drip line products – Diameter, wall thickness, emitter spacing, flow rate, and filtration requirements
7 Location of drip lines - Depth, distance between laterals, and relation to the crop
8 System components and location - Pumps, filters, controls, control valves, lines (main lines, sub-main lines, and manifolds), air relief valves, and drip lines
9 Monitoring - System flow rates and pressures should be monitored to ensure peak performance and maximize system life.
10 Maintenance procedures -Routine maintenance is necessary for system longevity and optimal performance.

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