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StellarSupport™ Answers will be moving!

We appreciate your patience as our new Answer Center site is under construction.

Here is a list of the 20 most frequently asked questions and links to their solutions:

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Top 20 answers:

#1: Starfire Gen2/ITC/3000 - StarFire Frequency Migration

#2: AutoTrac - Recommended ATU Sensitivites

#3: Apex - Recovering Apex data from a failed hard drive

#4: GreenStar - Component Software Updates and Version Numbers

#5: GS2 or GS3 - Compatibility Guides for GS2 or GS3 Guidance, Documentation and Harnesses/Brackets

#6: StarFire Gen2/iTC/300/3000 - Receiver Live Updates

#7: GS3 2630 - AutoTrac Controller vs. Non-JD Guidance

#8: Apex - How do I create a backup or How do I restore a backup

#9: Apex - What are the minimum system requirements for Apex?

#10: Field Doc Connect - Original Greenstar and GS2 and GS3 Raven setup

#11: MyJohnDeere - Dealer wants to setup a "Dealer Managed" customer account

#12: Apex - Download Free Soil Maps Video

#13: Apex - How to download Free Aerial Images Video

#14: MyJohnDeere - Creating new MyJohnDeere account

#15: Solution # 70857 - GS3 2630, GS2 2600/2100 - Field Doc Connect will not record when connected to a Raven controller.

#16: Command Center Activation Information

#17: Solution # 82742 - AutoTrac Setup for Optimizing Performance and Accuracy

#18: JDLink - Process for Migrating Terminals/Users from Closing Dealership to New Dealership

#19: WDT/Apex - Customer associated Apex to the incorrect MyJohnDeere account

#20: Greenstar Rate Controller / Raven - Common Greenstar Rate Controller and Raven Calibration numbers