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What makes Fleet Care different? It thinks.

Turns JDLink, machine inspection, and fluid analysis data into smart machine health solutions.

John Deere Fleet Care not only gives you essential machine information — it actually thinks through it and gives you actionable solutions that keep your equipment in peak condition.

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Machine UtilizationJDLink™
Fleet Care works for JDLink Express, Select, and Ultimate. This telematics solution delivers critical operational data. Fleet Care puts this data to work along with fluid analysis and machine inspections.
Fluid Analysis Fluid Analysis
Fleet Care will tell you a lot about a machine by thinking through fluid sample data to deliver proactive machine health solutions.

Machine InspectionMachine Inspection
Sometimes obvious and not-so-apparent potential malfunctions can be best caught by a trained John Deere tech. Fleet Care cross checks technician observations with other machine data to keep your machine moving more dirt for less money.

The Benefit
With its proactive data processing, Fleet Care provides intelligent machine health solutions for your equipment.

Fleet Care is programmed to focus on out-of-spec fluids, operational practices, and machine conditions before proactively making specific recommendations to halt downtime well before it occurs. By using a health wellness model, Fleet Care is like an apple a day for your equipment.

Find out more about the thinking contractor's approach to machine health. Download a Fleet Care brochure here.