Know your loads, in the cab and the office

Payload weighing systems are available for John Deere loaders and standard on John Deere ADTs. Both provide onboard measurement of individual and cumulative loads as well as ways to utilize the information off-board to enable production tracking and business optimization.

Loader Payload Scales

With three onboard payload weighing systems available for Z-bar-linkage-equipped John Deere K-Series Loaders, you can choose the features and benefits that best fit your needs.


LOADRITE L2180 for John Deere Advanced Payload Scale (APS)

For the ultimate payload weighing integration, the LOADRITE L2180 for John Deere is available for the 444K Loader and up. Featuring a separate monitor and optional printer for outputting load tickets or end-of-shift reports, the L2180 for John Deere is designed to increase loader efficiency and productivity without slowing loading.


The L2180 for John Deere offers the globally recognized accuracy and quality of LOADRITE products. With accuracy to within one percent, LOADRITE products are the scale that loader operators ask for by name.


Only the L2180 for John Deere is fully integrated with JDLink to provide information such as total bucket loads, trucks loaded, and totals by material along with your other JDLink data — all in one place.


The Embedded Payload Scale (EPS)
The EPS option provides onboard-only functionality. The operator reads scale information on the K-Series monitor and controls scale functions using buttons on the monitor and armrest.

  • Displays weight of material in the bucketEPS
  • Source tip-off mode lets the operator dump material back into the pile until the desired weight is left in the bucket
  • Destination tip-off mode lets the operator dump the desired amount of material into the truck or trailer and then return remaining material to the pile
  • Calculates short totals
  • Calculates one long total for all materials
  • Five separate counters can be assigned to customers or materials and each counter can track up to 999 separate measurements

Even more off-board functionality is on the way – payload information will be viewable in JDLink in the future.

ADT Payload Scales

Onboard weighing systems are standard equipment on John Deere ADTs. From the comfort of your desktop or mobile device, you can monitor “material moved” data transmitted through JDLink. This helps in calculating machine utilization and managing a project. 


Overload protection.
Mirror-mounted lights alert the loading operator when the truck is nearing capacity.





PayloadReal-time, onboard information.
The payload weight information displays on the truck monitor, including total tonnage and cycles. The system even calculates carryback for accurate production values.


Payload RolloverOther features.
Dump body rollover protection helps reduce the likelihood of a rear chassis tip-over by monitoring chassis roll. When the pre-selected rear chassis side-to-side slope percentage is exceeded, the dump body will not raise. Onboard weighing can also monitor fore-aft angle and reduces the dump body angle while backing down a slope to reduce dump cycle time. Since the truck now recognizes its load, a loaded speed limit can be selected to match the worksite.


Optimize productivity and calculate more accurate estimates.
Payload data can be viewed in JDLink so you can monitor operator performance and to uncover possible trends that improve or reduce productivity. You can also monitor your trips, tonnage, times, and fuel consumption – data you can use for tighter estimates.

Ultimate Uptime

Deere Technician working on an engine

Ultimate Uptime is designed to improve your profitability by maximizing productivity and uptime while lowering operating costs.

Learn more about Ultimate Uptime
See how Payload Weighing can maximize your machine efficiency

Haul More Efficiently

Payload weighing systems provide onboard measurement of individual and cumulative loads, as well as ways to utilize the information off-board to enable production tracking and business optimization.

See how Payload Weighing can maximize your machine efficiency