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Off-Highway Emissions Certificates - 1998

Locate your engine family number in the list below. The following certificates will provide you with the CARB and EPA emissions regulations which can be used to locally register your engine. You will find your engine family number on the emissions label.

WJDXL02.9017 JDX-CINR-98-01 N/A
WJDXL02.9018 JDX-CINR-98-02 N/A
WJDXL06.8012 JDX-CINR-98-13 U-R-4-31
WJDXL06.8013 JDX-CINR-98-17 U-R-4-37
WJDXL06.8014 JDX-NRCI-99-11 U-R-4-29
WJDXL06.8015 JDX-CINR-98-12 U-R-4-30
WJDXL06.8016 JDX-CINR-98-18 N/A
WJDXL07.6010 JDX-CINR-98-08 U-R-4-36
WJDXL07.6011 JDX-CINR-98-10 U-R-4-35
WJDXL08.1007 JDX-CINR-98-04 U-R-4-42
WJDXL08.1008 JDX-CINR-98-05 U-R-4-41
WJDXL08.1009 JDX-CINR-98-09 U-R-4-40
WJDXL10.1006 JDX-CINR-98-07 U-R-4-38
WJDXL10.1005 JDX-CINR-98-06 U-R-4-39
WJDXL10.5004 JDX-CINR-98-14 N/A
WJDXL10.5003 JDX-CINR-98-03 U-R-4-43
WJDXL12.5002 JDX-CINR-98-16 U-R-4-34
WJDXL12.5001 JDX-CINR-98-15 U-R-4-33

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