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Core Material Defined
Core Material Defined
Core Material Defined
Core Material…what is it?
 - Core is failed material
 - Core is used parts
 - Core is trash and landfill material
 - Core is the raw material for Reman
Core Material…the money
 - Core value ($) is added to the part price to insure its return

 - Core value ($) is not lost by returning the part

 - Core value ($) is returned when the part is returned
 - Core value ($) is lost when parts are not returned

 - Core recovery reduces resources needed to produce new

Core Material…the value
 - Core material serves as raw material for Reman process and therefore critical to supporting the Reman value proposition offering customers low cost service solutions.
 - Core material recovery keeps the used OEM parts from competitors…if core parts are sold to the market, they compete with Deere and the Deere dealer.
 - Core material reduces resources by reducing the need for mining, processing, melting, casting and machining of new parts.

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