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Green Tag Sales Event

You’ll get quality John Deere products and enjoy great savings.

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    Introducing the Livestock Loyalty Program

    Special savings is our way of saying thanks for investing in John Deere.

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      Meet the E Series Tractors

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      E Series Tractors

      Meet the E Series – value-spec compact and utility tractors from 22 to 100 engine horsepower.

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        5M Series Tractors

        Subwoofer, LCD instrument cluster, low sloping hood, and much more.

          View 5M (75 to 115 hp) Tractors
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          5E Series Tractors

          The 5E Series - Reimagined, redesigned, reborn... to work.

            View 5E (45-75 hp) Tractors
            View 5E (85 – 100 hp) Tractors

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