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6R Series - Utility Tractors





6R Series tractor with hay bale on loader attachment Power through with PowerTech engines
The 6R Series tractors get their power from John Deere PowerTech engines. You get fast throttle response, outstanding fuel economy, and plenty of low-end grunt.

6R Series tractor moving a pallet with loader attachment The right gear for the job
Each 6R Series Tractor comes standard with the proven John Deere AutoQuad PLUS 24-speed transmission with 40 km/h top speed. Order the AutoQuad PLUS or IVT transmission with the 50 km/h option, and you’re flying from field to field.

6R Series tractor lifing a full pallet with loader attachment The ultimate hired hand
Every 6R Series tractor is compatible with the new John Deere H Series Loaders, giving you concealed oil lines and repositioned torque tubes for outstanding visibility, along with time-saving available features like Return-To-Position and Electronic Self-Leveling.