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3720Compact Tractor

Features and Specs

  • 43.2-hp Yanmar engine
  • Auto HST, PowrReverser and eHydro transmission opt
  • Folding ROPS and steering brakes
  • AutoConnect deck option
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Engine Power43.2 (31.8) per ISO 97/68/EC
Fuel System TypeDirect injection
Hydraulics TypeOpen center
Power Take-Off (PTO) StandardRear @ 540
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    3720 Compact Tractor


    It’s a difference you can tell from the moment you sit down—this is no ordinary compact utility tractor. With the John Deere 3000 Twenty Series, you’ll enjoy a wide range of standard features and options that add convenience, comfort, and efficiency to every job.  A rugged PowrReverser™ gear transmission is standard on the 3320 and 3520 Models, or you can opt up to the eHydro™ hydrostatic transmission. The e-Hydro is standard on the 3720 Model. The 3-range eHydro transmission features Twin-Touch™ pedal control which lets you change direction with just a touch of a pedal -- and without clutching, making it ideal for loader work, or when mowing.  You’ll also appreciate the standard Cruise Control™ -- a true automotive-type cruise control. Just get up to your desired working speed, set the Cruise Control located on the operator console – and you’ll maintain that speed no matter how uneven the terrain.  Throw in additional features like the standard 4WD, Quik-Park Loader, Load-Match™  electronic power management system, and optional deluxe cab and you can see why the 3000 Twenty Series is without equal in this horsepower class.







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